AAST Scholarship Program

The Asian American Studies Program is proud to offer four undergraduate scholarships established in honor of Asian Americans who exemplify the spirit of service to our nation.

APPLY HERE 2017-2018 Scholarship Deadline:
March 29, 2017

timothy ng

Timothy J Ng Scholarship in Asian American Studies

Timothy J Ng (born 1950) retired in 2008 as Associate Vice President for Research and Professor of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture. Previously, he served as Acting Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, in addition to Interim Director of Asian American Studies (2004 - 2006) at a critical juncture for the program. Under his leadership, a permanent director position for Asian American Studies was established in 2006. The scholarship was endowed in 2008 by gifts from Dr. Ng, colleagues, and friends to honor his numerous contributions and efforts to advance Asian American Studies at Maryland.

Purpose: This scholarship encourages undergraduates who demonstrate strength in academics and leadership, especially where such achievement leads to improvement in the lives of Asian Americans. (Open to any student).

Amount of Award: $500 per recipient

Philip Vera Cruz Outstanding Community Service Scholarship

Philip Vera Cruz (12/25/1904 to 6/12/1994) was a Filipino American labor leader, farm worker, and leader in the Asian American civil rights movement. A co-founder of the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee, which later merged with the National Farm Workers Association to become the United Farm Workers, he was the union’s long-time vice president, working to improve housing and employment conditions for migrant workers. With Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, Larry Itliong, and Pete Velasco, Vera Cruz led the historic 1965 Delano Strike against the grape growers of California.

Purpose: This scholarship was established in 2008 to support an undergraduate enrolled in Asian American Studies who personifies the vital relationship between a college education and the human condition through service to the under-served and under-represented. (Open to any student who has taken or is currently enrolled in an AAST class).

Amount of Award: $1000 per recipient

Linh-Thong Huu Nguyen Memorial Scholarship

Linh-Thong Huu Nguyen (4/21/1974 to 2/25/2007) immigrated to the U.S. from Vietnam with his family at the age of one and grew up in Columbia, Maryland. “Tone” experienced early on the need for building bridges between communities through shared culture, beliefs, and values. In 1995, as a member of the Asian American Student Union, Tone and four fellow students led grass-roots, student-organized efforts that resulted in the university offering its first course in Asian American Studies. The scholarship honors Tone’s life and his key role in the collective efforts and vision of the five students that bravely advocated for an Asian American Studies Program at Maryland.

Purpose: This memorial scholarship was established in 2008 by Tone’s brother and fellow Terp Tuan Nguyen to support undergraduates who are enrolled in the Asian American Studies Minor Program and demonstrate consistent academic achievement in their studies. Open to AAST minors (must declar minor by end of Spring 17).

Amount of Award: $1,000
*Additional scholarships may be awarded for exceptional application quality.

Major General Antonio Taguba Profiles in Courage and Leadership Scholarship

Antonio Mario Taguba (born 1950) is a retired Major General having served 34 years on active duty. He is the second Filipino American to attain the rank of general officer in the U.S. Army. General Taguba is best known for authoring the Taguba Report, an internal U.S. Army report on detainee abuse at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, which was leaked and published in 2004. His courage and steadfast commitment to integrity in the face of adversity are admired by all who know him. Today, General Taguba gives generously of his time nationally and abroad to educate and mentor future generations of leaders. The Filipino Cultural Association at Maryland established this scholarship in 2008 to honor General Taguba and his dedication to young people.

Purpose: This scholarship recognizes undergraduates who demonstrate scholarship and outstanding leadership and undergraduates enrolled in Army or Air Force ROTC seeking a degree at the University of Maryland College Park. Recipients should also be considering a future career in federal public service, both civilian and military. (Open to any student who has taken or is currently enrolled in an Asian American Studies course or is enrolled in Army, Air Force, or Naval ROTC).

Amount of Award: $1,500
*Additional scholarships may be awarded for exceptional application quality.