Full Course Catalog

Course Title
AAST200 Introduction to Asian American Studies

The aggregate experience of Asian Pacific Americans, from developments in the countries of origin to their contemporary issues. The histories of Asian Pacific American groups as well as culture, politics, the media, and stereotypes, viewed from an interdisciplinary perspective.

AAST201 Asian American History

Introduction to the history of Asian Americans and Asians in the United States and the Americas and to the field of Asian American Studies, from an interdisciplinary perspective. Topics include theories of race and ethnicity; Asian migration and diaspora to the Americas; Asian American work and labor issues; gender, family, and communities; nationalism and nativism, and anti-Asian movements; Asian Americans in World War II, the Cold War, and the issues in the civil rights & post-civil rights era.

AAST222 Immigration and Ethnicity in America

The history of immigration and the development of diverse populations in the United States are examined. Topics include related political controversies, the social experiences of immigrants, ethnicity, generations, migration, inter-group relations, race and diversity in American culture.

AAST233 Introduction to Asian American Literature

A survey of Asian American literature with an emphasis on recurrent themes and historical context.

AAST298A Special Topics in Asian American Studies; Islam in/and America

Islam in/and America examines the history and presence of Islam in the United States, and the construction and evolution of U.S. Muslim identity, community, and culture. A CIC CourseShare online course and part of the DISC initiative (Digital Islamic Studies Curriculum).The instructor is Sylvia Chan- Malik (American Studies/Women's and Gender Studies/Asian American Studies) at Rutgers University, but you enroll and receive credit for it at Maryland. You will also need to be entered into the University of Michigan Canvas course management system. The course meets twice a week in real time using video conferencing technology.

AAST298B Visual Culture of Islam

A CIC CourseShare online course and part of the DISC initiative (Digital Islamic Studies Curriculum). The instructor is a professor at the University of Michigan, but you enroll and receive credit for it at Maryland. You will also need to be entered into the University of Michigan Canvas course management system. The course meets twice a week in real time using video conferencing technology.

AAST298J Asian American Art

This course examines how different theories and definitions from the field of Performance Studies, and studies of Asian American performance, can help us analyze Asian American identities, experiences, and issues. Students will extend performance theory beyond the normative range of performance objects to under-theorized Asian American modes of performance, such as spoken word, hip hop, standup comedy, and YouTube videos, to cultural sites and practices that are not usually as a performative, such as campuses, political protests, and sports. We will consider how these analyses and performances can deepen our understanding of the body, immigration, empire, war, militarization, desire, loss, resistance, masculinity, femininity, and power in general.

AAST378 Experiential Learning
AAST388 Independent Research

AAST Fellows Program. Become an Asian American Studies Fellow by joining this course. The Asian American Studies Fellows program offers workshops, seminars, and brown-bag presentations to help students to develop as Asian American Studies scholars and community leaders. Students will have the opportunity to meet with other students who are interested in the goals and ideas associated with Asian American Studies, to develop a speakers series that focuses on issues current to the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, and to benefit from one-on-one mentoring with AAST faculty and staff.

AAST398A Vietnamese American Studies
AAST398B Asian American Social Policy and Community Advocacy

This course focuses on how Asian and Pacific Americans are represented in government and throughout social policies in the United States. The ways in which racial and gender dynamics intersect with migration policy, community development, and other pressing issues is explored.

AAST398C Politics of Transnational Adoption: Intersectional Analysis of Class, Race, Gender, and Nationality

This course explores racial, class, and national power hierarchies as they play out in transnational adoptions. Our focus will be on the U.S. family and adoptions from Korea and China.

AAST398D Filipino American History and Biography

Focus is placed on Filipino American experiences with an emphasis on identity, community building and organizing to influence public policy. We will cover pertinent events from the US and Philippine history in order to understand the impact of colonialism, migration, immigration and assimilation on Filipino Americans.

AAST398E Growing Up Asian American: The Asian American Immigrant Family and the Second Generation

An interdisciplinary course examines the experiences of children of Asian immigrants in the U.S., focusing on intergenerational dynamics in the Asian immigrant family, their intersections with race, gender, class, sexuality, and religion, and how these shape second-generation Asian American life. Topics include identity and personhood, the model minority myth and education, work and leisure, language and communication, filiality and disownment, mental health and suicide.

AAST398F Experiential Learning in Asian American Studies
AAST398I Asian American Mental Health
AAST398J New World Arrivals: Literature of Asian American Migration and Diaspora
AAST398L Asian Americans in Film
AAST398M Multiracial Asian Americans and Other Multiracial Peoples

From yellow peril invaders to model minority allies, Asian Americans have crafted their own dynamic cultural expressions in a number of media from film, television, and music to fashion, sports, and foodthat reveal and contest the contradictions of the U.S. nation-state. Asian American culture also uniquely sits at the nexus of immigration flows and digital technologies, providing a transnational lens to view the US place in the world. This advanced course, then, will introduce students to the study and practice of Asian American culture as multiple, hybrid, and heterogeneous. It will do so through three sections: section one will introduce students to classic cultural and media concepts as well as relevant keywords outlined by Asian American Studies scholars; section two will review the work of Asian American cultural theorists; section three will focus on analyses of particular Asian American cultural productions. In doing so, students will gain an understanding of the shifting and interlocking tensions among the local, the national, and the global that form the cultural geographies of Asian America.

AAST398N Asian American Popular Culture
AAST398O Immigrant Youth, Identity, and Organizing
AAST398P Asian Americans in Washington, D.C.
AAST398Q Diversity, Work, and Play in the Digital Age/Diversity and Labor in the Networked Society
AAST398R Cultural Imagination in the US-China Relations Since 1785
AAST398T Asian American Graphic Novels

This class will examine a range of Asian American graphic works expressly as racial projects. That is, we will consider these works as they enter, often self-consciously, a contested arena of racial and cultural representation, not only documenting or exploring Asian American experience and history, but playing with, thinking through, and subverting racialization, racial identity formation and construction, and the politics of visual representation.

AAST398V Women of Color Feminisms and Solidarities

Explores the theoretical and political interventions of women of color feminist thinkers, as well as strategies of community-building and working together across differences.

AAST398W Trans-Pacific Sexualities

From the lore of Polynesian voyagers to modern militarism and tourism, TransPacific Sexualities is a course that examines the way that sexualities, identities, intimacies, and desires have constituted and shaped the social life of native and settler communities throughout the Pacific region.

AAST398X Immigrant Communities, Leadership, and Organization

Class explores the political, social, and historical forces that have shaped the current immigration context. Using popular education and project-based learning, students will critically analyze how public policies related to immigration are affecting young immigrants, with special focus on undocumented youth and students.

AAST398Y Southeast Asian Americans Resettlement and the Second Generation
AAST433 Asian American Politics

Students will gain a greater understanding of 1)the role of Asian Americans in US politics, 2) the political attitudes and behaviors of Asian Americans and 3)how to conduct research on Asian American politics. Though the class will concentrate on Asian Americans, issues related to Asian American politics will be examined within the larger context of America's multicultural political landscape.

AAST498A Asian American Education and Counseling Issues
AAST498B Urban Demography and Community

Understanding populations in the urban and metropolitan area contexts. Demographic analysis of race/ethnicity, immigration, families and households, education, occupation, income, poverty, and housing. Emphasis on methods of census data manipulation, interpretation, and presentation.

AAST498C Introduction to Chinese American Studies
AAST498D Asian American Theatre
AAST498E Asian American Sexualities
AAST498F Race and Public Memory
AAST498F Asian American Oral History
AAST498G Asian American Women and Gender
AAST498I Asian American Leadership

Students will be introduced to leadership models and examples specific to Asian American & Pacific Islander communities throughout history and in current times. While the central objective of this course is to develop politically engaged and historically informed leaders and community members for the AAPI campus community, this course is open to anyone who is interested in social justice and learning more about student organizing around identity.

AAST498J Asian American Psychology

This course provides students with an understanding of the ecological influences on Asian American psychological well-being. It begins with the individual, covering topics relating to various social identities pertaining to Asian Americans. Moving outward, it highlights family and peer relationships. At the community and cultural level, the course focuses on the process of migration and acculturation. Finally, it concludes with a discussion of social advocacy, service provisions and cultural competency.

AAST498K Korean Americans Culture and Society
AAST498L Immigration and Ethnicity
AAST498M Asian American Public Policy
AAST498N South Asian American Communities
AAST498N Asian American Material Cultures
AAST498O Asian American Health
AAST498P Asian Americans and Model Minorities
AAST498T Asian American Politics
AAST498V Asian American Religions and Spiritualities
AAST498W Asian American Contemporary Cultures in the United States
AAST498Y The Multiracial Experience in the U.S.

Focuses on multiracial ("mixed race") identity and how the experiences of multiracial people contribute to our broader understanding of racial identity and formation. Course draws on literature and research produced by and about multiracial people. In addition, students will access the topic through comment boards, live chat sessions, podcasts, and multimedia. Readings and other course materials have been selected to challenge and grow students' understandings of race and mixed race.

AAST498Z Asian Americans and World War II