Full Course Catalog

Course Title Syllabus
AAST200 Introduction to Asian American Studies
AAST201 Asian American History
AAST222 Immigration and Ethnicity in America
AAST233 Introduction to Asian American Literature
AAST298J Asian American Art
AAST388 Independent Research
AAST398A Vietnamese American Studies
AAST398B Contemporary Asian American Literature of the 21st Century

AAST398D Filipino American History and Biography
AAST398E Growing Up Asian American: The Asian American Immigrant Family and the Second Generation
AAST398F Experiential Learning in Asian American Studies
AAST398L Asian Americans in Film
AAST398M Multiracial Asian Americans and Other Multiracial Peoples
AAST398N Asian American Popular Culture
AAST398O Immigrant Youth, Identity, and Organizing
AAST398P Asian Americans in Washington, D.C.
AAST398Q Diversity, Work, and Play in the Digital Age/Diversity and Labor in the Networked Society
AAST398T Asian American Graphic Novels
AAST398V Women of Color Feminisms and Solidarities
AAST398W Trans-Pacific Sexualities
AAST398X Immigrant Communities, Leadership, and Organization
AAST398Y Southeast Asian Americans Resettlement and the Second Generation
AAST433 Asian American Politics
AAST498A Asian American Education and Counseling Issues
AAST498B Confucius in East Asia and in Asian America

AAST498C Introduction to Chinese American Studies
AAST498E Asian American Sexualities
AAST498F Race and Public Memory
AAST498F Asian American Oral History

AAST498G Asian American Women and Gender
AAST498K Korean Americans Culture and Society
AAST498L Immigration and Ethnicity
AAST498M Asian American Public Policy
AAST498N South Asian American Communities
AAST498N Asian American Material Cultures
AAST498O Asian American Health
AAST498P Asian Americans and Model Minorities
AAST498T Asian American Politics
AAST498V Asian American Religions and Spiritualities
AAST498W Asian American Contemporary Cultures in the United States
AAST498Y The Multiracial Experience in the U.S.
AAST498Z Asian Americans and World War II
AAST498Z Asian American Politics
AAST398C Politics of Transnational Adoption: Intersectional Analysis of Class, Race, Gender, and Nationality
AAST398I Asian American Mental Health
AAST398J New World Arrivals: Literature of Asian American Migration and Diaspora
AAST398R Cultural Imagination in the US-China Relations Since 1785