1. What is the Asian American Studies Program and Resource Center?

The Asian American Studies Program and Resource Center at the University of Maryland is a top ethnic studies program in the eastern United States focusing on the identities and experiences of Asian Americans. Each semester, between 400 and 600 students take courses in Asian American Studies. Asian Americans are the largest ethnic minority group at the University of Maryland, comprising more than 15 percent of the campus population. We are building a program as diverse as our community through new courses that seek to better understand Asian Americans in a transnational and comparative racial and ethnic context.

2. What are the most popular courses offered by AAST?

Some of our most popular courses include AAST398L (Asian Americans in Film), AAST398D (Filipino American History and Biography), and AAST 201 (Asian American History). We also offer opportunities for student to participate in internships for course credit. The Washington, D.C. metropolitan area is home to many national Asian American organizations and an internship with one of these organizations represents a truly unique opportunity to learn about issues facing and advocacy for Asian Americans in the United States.

3. Does AAST offer courses that fulfill university graduation requirements?

Yes! AAST offers a range of courses that fulfill university General Education requirements.

Distributive Studies:
History and Social Sciences

Distributive Studies:

Understanding Plural Societies

AAST200- Introduction to Asian American Studies



AAST201-  Asian American History



AAST222- Immigration and Ethnicity



AAST223- Introduction to Asian American Literature



AAST398L- Selected Topics in Asian American Studies: Asian Americans in Film



AAST398D- Selected Topics in Asian American Studies: Filipino American History and Biography



More courses will be approved for General Education over time, so be sure to check Testudo for the latest offerings.

4. Do AAST courses have prerequisites?

The vast majority of AAST courses do not require prior coursework, but a few cross-listed courses do require pre-requisites or permission from the AAST instructor.  Please contact our office at 301.405.0996 or aast@umd.edu for more information.

5. What internship opportunities are available through AAST?

Students have the option of taking an internship for course credit in the Fall or Spring semesters. Please email aast@umd.edu for more information. A Jobs and Internship listing of local organizations serving the Asian American community is available, as well as a general listing through the University Career Center & the President’s Promise.

6. What are the requirements for completing the minor program?

Effective Spring 2014, the requirements for the Asian American Studies Minor have been updated. Students enrolled in the minor prior to Spring 2014 have the option of continuing with old requirements (Track A), or completing the new requirements (Track B). Students enrolled in the minor Spring 2014 or later must complete Track B. The minor program requires students to complete a total of five courses. All minors (enrolled Spring 2014 and later) must complete one of two foundational courses, three AAST or other approved elective courses, and one upper division course. You may visit Testudo for our current elective course offerings. If you have already completed AAST coursework, but have not applied for inclusion in our minor program, your previous courses may count towards program completion once you have been approved. For more information on the minor program, click here.

7. How do I minor in Asian American Studies?

To enroll in the Asian American Studies (AAST) minor, simply fill out an enrollment/inquiry form here, or email Anne Bautista at annebaut@umd.edu with your name, UID, and your intent to minor.

8. How can I get involved with the Asian American community?

You can subscribe to the AAST listserv to receive information bi-weekly about upcoming events, scholarships and internships, and volunteer opportunities in the Asian American community. Email aast@umd.edu and request to be added to our email list. You can also LIKE our Facebook page, and don't forget you can also stop by our office at 2117 Susquehanna Hall.

9. Do you have scholarships, books and other resources for students?

AAST offers four undergraduate scholarships in honor of Asian Americans who exemplify the spirit of service to our nation. Thanks to the generous support of dedicated community members, and the Filipino Cultural Association, we are pleased to offer the Major General Antonio M. Taguba Profiles in Courage and Leadership Scholarship. We also sponsor the Linh-Thong Huu Nguyen Memorial Scholarship, in honor of one of the student founders of our program, to recognize academic excellence within the AAST minor program; the Timothy J. Ng Leadership Scholarship, rewarding an undergraduate student who shows leadership in the Asian American community; and the Philip Vera Cruz Outstanding Community Service Scholarship. Scholarship applications are typically available in February.

Another great resource is AAST's 2013-2015 National Directory of Scholarships, Internships, and Fellowships for Asian American and Pacific Islander Students. This directory provides a listing of financial aid and internship opportunities for Asian American and Pacific Islander students and/or individuals who seek to serve the Asian American community. Download a free PDF copy here

We also house an Asian American Studies Resource Center where students can find books and films on the Asian American experience. Our collection consists of fiction and nonfiction books, major motion picture releases as well as independent films pertaining to Asian American topics. If you are looking for a particular title, call our office at 301.405.0996 or email us at aast.umd.edu to see if it is available.

10. How can I submit a suggestion to improve the AAST program?

We are always interested in new ways to serve the community. If you have any thoughts on ways we can improve the program or events that we may be interested in sponsoring, please email us at aast@umd.edu. We would love to hear from you!